17 Cute Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween is a time of creativity and imagination, especially for children who relish the opportunity to dive into a world of witches, ghosts, and all things spooky. Engaging in Halloween crafts can offer kids not just a chance to express their creativity, but also to develop fine motor skills, follow instructions, and learn the joy of making something with their own hands.

This guide explores a variety of craft ideas that are perfect for young crafters of all skill levels. From simple projects like paper jack-o’-lanterns to more complex tasks like homemade spider webs, each craft is designed to ignite the festive spirit of Halloween while providing a fun, educational experience.

Parents and teachers will find these ideas easy to implement, using commonly found materials around the house or easily sourced from local stores, ensuring a minimal hassle but maximum fun. Each project comes with step-by-step instructions and suggestions for variations, making it easy to customize activities to suit different age groups and preferences.

Whether at home, school, or a community event, these crafts promise to make this Halloween both memorable and magical for kids.

Halloween Crafts For Kids

#17. Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Pumpkin Apple Stamps Craft for Kids

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#16. Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Tissue Paper Pumpkin

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#15. Tea Light Pumpkins

Tea Light Pumpkin

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#14. Pumpkin Favors

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favors 

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#13. Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids

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#12. Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn Pumpkin Halloween Craft for Kids

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#11. Beaded Pumpkin

Beaded Pumpkin

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#10. Sponge Painted Ghost

sponge painted ghost

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#9. Puffy Ghost

Puffy Ghost Halloween Craft for kids

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#8. Ghost Garland

paper Ghost Garland

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#7. Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Popsicle Stick Haunted House Halloween Craft for Kids

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#6. Footprint Ghosts

Footprint Ghost on paper

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#5. Milk Carton Haunted House

Milk Carton Haunted House

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#4. Haunted House Halloween Cut-out

Haunted House Halloween Cut-out paper craft

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#3. Glow Stick Brooms

Glow Stick Brooms

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#2. Kids Handprint Witches

handprint witches

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#1. Witch Hat

witch hat craft

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