21 Best Halloween Centerpieces

When Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to infuse your home with the spirit of the season, and what better way to do so than with creatively themed centerpieces? “Halloween Centerpieces” delves into the festive and fun world of Halloween decorations, focusing specifically on centerpieces that can transform your dining room table, coffee table, or any other surface into a spooky showcase.

This guide provides an array of ideas suitable for everyone from crafting novices to seasoned DIY enthusiasts. Whether you’re aiming for a look that is subtly eerie or one that’s outright hair-raising, you’ll find inspiration to create a memorable Halloween ambiance. We explore a variety of themes, from classic jack-o’-lanterns and ghostly figures to modern interpretations involving LED lights and unconventional materials.

Beyond mere decoration, this article offers practical tips on how to use household items and easy-to-find materials to craft these centerpieces, ensuring that creativity is accessible to all. Additionally, there’s advice on how to complement your centerpieces with other elements of décor to create a cohesive Halloween theme throughout your home.

Perfect for family activities or solo projects, these centerpiece ideas are designed to stir the imagination and enhance any Halloween celebration. Prepare to transform ordinary spaces into enchanting scenes that will delight trick-or-treaters and party guests alike.

Halloween Centerpieces

#21. Mini Pumpkins Vase

mini pumpkin in a vase

Mini Pumpkins Vase from Ten June

#20. Pumpkin and Greenery Table Centerpiece

DIY Table Fall Centerpiece with pumpkins, taper candles and greenery

Pumpkin and Greenery Table Centerpiece from Ella Claire Inspired

#19. Easy 5 Minute Autumn Centerpiece

mini pumpkins, pinecones and greenery in a wooden bowl

Easy 5 Minute Autumn Centerpiece from Stone Gable

#18. Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece

Pumpkin Succulent DIY Fall Centerpiece

Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece from Simply Happenstance

#17. Bittersweet Pumpkins

white pumpkins wrapped in Bittersweet berry vines

Bittersweet Pumpkins from Your Cozy Home

#16. Maple Leaf Candle Centerpiece

DIY Fall Candle Centerpiece

Maple Leaf Candle Centerpiece from That’s What Che Said

#15. Pottery Barn Inspired Candle

Pottery Barn Fall Candle Centerpiece

Pottery Barn Inspired Candle from Live Laugh Rowe

#14. Pumpkin Vase

DIY Pumpkin Vase Fall Floral Centerpiece

Pumpkin Vase from A Pumpkin and A Princess

#13. Rustic Fall Mason Jars

Rustic Fall Mason Jars DIY Fall Centerpiece

Rustic Fall Mason Jars from Sincerely Jean

#12. French Farmhouse Wheat Pitcher

Farmhouse Fall Pitcher with wheat

French Farmhouse Wheat Pitcher from Shabby FuFu

#11. Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

Wheat Bundle DIY Fall Centerpiece 

Wheat Bundle Centerpiece from Uncommon Designs

#10. Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Rustic Jars DIY Fall Centerpiece

Rustic Fall Centerpiece from Love of Family and Home

#9. Fabric Pumpkins Centerpiece

Fabric Pumpkins Centerpiece

Fabric Pumpkins Centerpiece from Craftberry Bush

#8. Dough Bowl Floral Arrangement

Dough Bowl Floral Arrangement from Life on Summer Hill

#7. Fall Dining Room

Fall Dining Room with white and gold pumpkins

Fall Dining Room from Thistlewood Farms

#6. Pumpkin Leaves Free Printable

mini pumpkins with printable tags

Pumpkin Leaves Free Printable from Ella Claire Inspired

#5. Pumpkins & Flowers Centerpiece

Pumpkins & Flowers DIY Fall Centerpiece

Pumpkins & Flowers Centerpiece from Such Pretty Things

#4. Copper Pumpkins Centerpiece

Copper Pumpkins Centerpiece

Copper Pumpkins Centerpiece from Up-to-Date Interiors

#3. Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

Farmhouse Autumn Centerpiece

Farmhouse Table Centerpiece from Worthing Court

#2. Hurricane Vase Decoration

Fall Hurricane Vase Decoration

Hurricane Vase Decoration from My Hearts Desire

#1. Fall Foliage Basket

woven basket with fall leaves and berries with a lantern in the middle

Fall Foliage Basket from Opulent Cottage