19 Best Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, affection, and heartfelt connections. In the spirit of this cherished holiday, many choose to adorn their homes with symbols that evoke the essence of love. Among these decorations, wreaths stand out as a versatile and creative way to welcome both the season and visitors to one’s home.

Traditionally associated with Christmas, wreaths have found a new place in the celebration of Valentine’s Day, transforming from evergreen circles into vibrant expressions of love.

The crafting of Valentine’s Day wreaths is an artistic endeavor that combines various elements—ribbons, flowers, and sometimes even handwritten notes—to create a symbol that is both personal and expressive. The selection of materials often reflects the personal tastes of the creator, ranging from classic roses and delicate baby’s breath to bolder choices like bright peonies and sparkling embellishments.

The color palette typically revolves around hues of red, pink, and white, each color rich with its own symbolism in the language of love.

Moreover, creating a Valentine’s Day wreath can be more than just a decorative activity; it is an opportunity to engage in a meaningful crafting experience. Whether made alone as a meditative project or together with loved ones as a bonding activity, the process of making a wreath is as significant as the finished product itself.

This tradition not only beautifies the space it graces but also enriches the festive atmosphere, making it a beloved ritual for many during this season of love.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths

19. Valentine Square Rose Wreath

DSC 1940 2
Credit: Thrifty Decorating

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18. Tinsel Heart Wreath

Credit: Kathe With Ane

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17. Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

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16. Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

heart wreath
Credit: The Bold Abode

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15. Chevron & Sparkle Wreath

chevron and sparkle valentine wreath
Credit: Tatertots & Jello

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14. Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath

Credit: The Speckled Dog

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13. Conversation Heart Wreath

conversation heart wreath 1
Credit: Crafts by Amanda

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12. Valentine Ribbon Wreath

IMG 4243
Credit: She’s Kinds Crafty

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11. Paper Straw Wreath

Paper Straw Wreath
Credit: Two Twenty-One

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10. Rose Wreath

DSCN6318 thumb%5B2%5D
Credit: Yarner

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9. Whimsical Valentine Wreath

Credit: Tatertots and Jello

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8. Valentine Wreath

tissue paper rosette valentine day wreath 3 2 thumb1
Credit: It All Started With Paint

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7. Sweet Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentines Day Decor DIY Valentines Wreath
Credit: Making Homebase

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6. Valentine’s Heart Willow Wreath

Credit: The Cards We Drew

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5. Valentine’s Day Tulle Wreath

Credit: Craft Outlet

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4. DIY Clothespin Wreath

Valentines wreath
Credit: Kitchen Cents

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3. Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath

deco mesh valentine wreath
Credit: Crafty Morning

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2. Wood Valentine’s Day Wreath

close up wood heart wreath
Credit:  Pretty Handy Girl

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1. Valentine’s Candy Wreath

Credit: Crazy Little Projects

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