70 Easy DIY Spring Wreaths to Welcome the Season

Discover these homemade spring wreaths, ideal for infusing your living space with a touch of springtime charm! Dive into our collection of DIY spring wreath concepts, featuring an array of options including vibrant floral arrangements, Easter-themed egg wreaths, radiant sunflower designs, and delightful Easter bunny creations. Whether you seek eye-catching spring door decorations or rustic farmhouse Easter wreaths, our assortment of Easter wreath inspirations will ignite your imaginative flair.

As winter loosens its grip and the world awakens with a burst of color, there’s something truly magical about the arrival of spring. And what better way to welcome this season of renewal and rebirth than with a symbol of its splendor adorning your front door? Enter the enchanting world of spring wreaths – where vibrant blooms, delicate foliage, and whimsical accents come together in a symphony of beauty.

Spring wreaths made with deco mesh for front doors, crafted by oneself

Picture this: a cascade of freshly picked flowers, delicately arranged in a circle of woven twigs or grapevine, exuding an irresistible charm that beckons all who pass by. Each petal whispers tales of warmer days ahead, while every leaf rustles with the promise of growth and vitality. Whether it’s a burst of daffodils heralding the end of winter’s chill or a cascade of cherry blossoms painting the landscape in hues of pink and white, a spring wreath is more than just a decorative piece – it’s a celebration of nature’s resilience and the joy of new beginnings.

So, as you feel the gentle breeze carrying the scent of blossoms and hear the birdsong signaling the changing of seasons, why not indulge in a bit of floral finery? Let a spring wreath grace your doorway, and let its beauty serve as a daily reminder that, no matter how harsh the winter may have been, spring always finds a way to bloom anew.

70 DIY Spring Wreaths

#70. Coral & Peach Faux Flowers Wreath

Spring Tulip Wreath

Coral & Peach Faux Flowers Wreath from How to Mom

#69. Quick 5-Minute Umbrella

5-Minute Umbrella Wreath 

Quick 5-Minute Umbrella from One Good Thing

#68. Monogrammed Tulip Door Hanger

Monogrammed Tulip Spring Wreath

Monogrammed Tulip Door Hanger from Sugar Bee Crafts

#67. Rain Boot Door Hanger

Rain Boot and Tulips Door Hanger

Rain Boot Door Hanger from Homemade Modern

#66. Five Minute Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath

Five Minute Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath

Five Minute Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath from The Happy Housie

#65. Basket with Tulips

Spring Basket Door Hanger with Tulips

Basket with Tulips from Angela Marie Madeine Wreath (source unknown)

#64. 5 Minute Floral Welcome Wreath

5 Minute Floral Welcome Wreath

5 Minute Floral Welcome Wreath from Anika’s DIY Life

#63. Baby’s Breath Wreath

DIY Baby's Breath Wreath

Baby’s Breath Wreath from Two Delighted

#62. Monogrammed Wreath

 DIY Spring Monogrammed Wreath

Monogrammed Wreath from Happy Housie

#61. Floral Wreath

Spring Floral Hoop Wreath

Floral Wreath from Dwell Beautiful

#60. Living Succulents

Living Succulent Wreath

Living Succulents from Pretty Prudent

#59. Simple Peony Wreath

lambs ear and peony wreath

Simple Peony Wreath from The Turquoise Home

#58. Dollar Store Yellow Wreaths

Dollar Store Yellow Spring Wreath

Dollar Store Yellow Wreaths from The Roots of the Home

#57. Floral Wooden Ball Wreaths

Floral Wooden Ball Wreath

Floral Wooden Ball Wreaths from The Rural Legend

#56. Tulip Basket

Tulip Basket

Tulip Basket from Clean and Sensible

#55. Garden Hose

Garden Hose Wreath 

Garden Hose from Create Craft Love

#54. Boxwood and Butterflies

Boxwood and Butterfly Wreath

Boxwood and Butterflies from Design Improvised

#53. Grapevine Bunny

Grapevine Bunny Wreath

Grapevine Bunny from Sprinkle Some Fun

#52. Simple Wreath

Simple Spring Wreath

Simple Wreath from On Sutton Place

#51. Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath from A Pumpkin and A Princess

#50. Easter Eggs and Moss Grapevine Wreath

Easter Eggs and Moss Grapevine Wreath

Easter Eggs and Moss Grapevine Wreath from I Love You More Than Carrots

#49. Paper Dahlia

Paper Dahlia Wreath

Paper Dahlia from Blooming Homestead

#48. Spring Cupcake Liner Wreath

DIY Spring Cupcake Liner Wreath

Spring Cupcake Liner Wreath from 36th Avenue

#47. Paper Flowers Wreath

Spring Paper Flowers Wreath

Paper Flowers Wreath from Tatertots and Jello

#46. Paper Hydrangeas

DIY Paper Hydrangea Wreath

Paper Hydrangeas from Lia Griffith

#45. Butterfly Wreath

Butterfly Wreath

Butterfly Wreath from Up to Date Interiors

#44. Birds Nest Basket

Birds Nest Basket Door Hanger

Birds Nest Basket from Your Cozy Home

#43. Moss Monogrammed Letter

Moss Monogrammed Letter

Moss Monogrammed Letter from Catch My Party

#42. Rustic Easter Door Basket

Rustic Easter Basket Wreath

Rustic Easter Door Basket from A Walk in the Countryside

#41. Lemon Wreath

Lemon Wreath

Lemon Wreath from The Navage Patch

#40. Boxwood Wreath

Faux Spring Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Wreath from Daisy Mae Belle

#39. Easy Faux Boxwood Greenery Wreath

Easy Faux Greenery Wreath

Easy Faux Boxwood Greenery Wreath from Anderson and Grant

#38. Baby Grass and Daisies Wreath

baby grass spring wreath

Baby Grass and Daisies Wreath from A Helicopter Mom

#37. Dollar Store Berries and Faux Greenery Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath

Dollar Store Berries and Faux Greenery Wreath from Passionate Penny Pincher

#36. Pottery Barn Inspired Butterfly Wreath

Pottery Barn Inspired Butterfly Wreath

Pottery Barn Inspired Butterfly Wreath from Tatertots and Jello

#35. 5 Minute Easter Wreath

5 Minute Easter Wreath

5 Minute Easter Wreath from The Happy Housie

#34. Natural Door Hanger

Natural Grapevine Wreath

Natural Door Hanger from At Home with the Barkers

#33. Pom Pom Wreath

Pom Pom Spring Wreath

Pom Pom Wreath from Lil Luna

#32. Felt Flowers Wreath

felt flowers spring wreath

Felt Flowers Wreath from Happy Happy Nester

#31. DIY Fairy Garden Moss Wreath

DIY Fairy Garden Moss Wreath from DecoArt

#30. Moss Covered Bunny

moss covered bunny wreath

Moss Covered Bunny from Where the Smiles Have Been

#29. Springtime Yarn Wreath

yarn wreath

#28. Springtime Yarn Wreath from 36th AVENUE

#27. Pom Pom Wreath from MoneyWise Moms

#26. Easy Dollar Store Daffodil Wreath from A Cultivated Nest

#25. Americana Wreath from Confessions of an Over-Worked Mom

#24. Seashell Wreath from Coastal Wanderings

#23. Coffee Filter Spring Wreath from The Country Chic Cottage

#22. DIY Spring Wreath from A Nation of Moms

#21. Dollar Store Sun Hat Wreath from We Three Shanes

#20. Bird Nest (Easter) Wreath from Sustain My Craft Habit

#19. Tie-Dyed Welcome Wreath from Dollar Crafter

#18. Cherry Blossom Hula Hoop Wreath from Crafts by Amanda

#17. Vintage Style Butterfly Wreath from Pink Fortitude

#16. Spring Cupcake Liner Wreath from My Pinterventures

#15. Garden Hose Wreath from Redhead Can Decorate

#14. Floral Spring Wreath from The Baking Fairy

#13. Easy Spring Wreath from A Hundred Affections

#12. Pinecone Zinnia Wreath from Rachel McClary

#11. Book Page Egg Wreath from Our Crafty Mom

#10. Boxwood Bunny Frame Wreath from Simplicity in the South

#9. Welcome Spring Wreath from This Ole Mom

#8. Springtime Garden Wreath from Craft Bits.

#7. Spring Peony Wreath

Spring Peony Wreath

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#6. Wildflower Wreath for Spring

Wildflower Wreath for Spring

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#5. Simple Hoop Spring Wreath

Simple Hoop Spring Wreath

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#4. DIY Sage and Blush Spring Wreath

DIY Sage and Blush Spring Wreath

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#3. Farmhouse Style Spring Wreath

Farmhouse Style Spring Wreath

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#2. Easy Tulip Wreath DIY

Easy Tulip Wreath DIY

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#1. Faux Succulent Wreath

Faux Succulent Wreath

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